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Supriya Nair

49-37-9, Akkayyapalem, Visakhapatnam.

Loved the treatment and I am recommending it to my family and friends. Thanks to the doctors and the masseuses for the help..(17.07.2013)

D. Sailaja

L B Towers, Maharanipeta, Visakhapatnam

The treatment was very rejuvenating and relaxing. The masseuse was very friendly and very receptive to my concerns about my back pain and massaged accordingly..

Amisha Kheman

Govind Mahal, 3, Wood Street, Calcutta-16

My first time and a very different experience! The 'Njavarakizhi' is fantastic!!! It should be recommended to everyone with pain! Thank you for the rejuvenating experience. -- 30.12.2002

Prakash Raj

Film actor, Chennai.

Thank you. It was refreshing, Hope lot more of people will be helped. Appreciating your work…

J. Appala Reddy

Door No. 39-22-54/4, Madhavadhara, Visakhapatnam-530007

We came for the treatment of my son, J. Bharat Reddy, having Muscular Dystrophy'. Since 1998 we have been using medicines and massages at Heritage Kerala. The CPK level that time was 4790. It came down to 1252 gradually with the treatment, as on 02.03.2001. His physical incapabilities had also decreased tremendously. We observed that the CPK further came down to 1048 on 16.03.2002 and became 700 when tested on 10th May 2003. He is now 21yrs old. His physical status is stable and drives car. Thank you very much doctor. --

D. Kameshwara Rao

121 B, Sector 11, Ukkunagaram, Visakhapatnam-32

My wife had severe low-back ache and she was not able to sit or stand continuously. She took two courses of massage at Heritage Kerala and took treatment for five months. She is now in a much better position to attend her normal household duties. The treatment Heritage Kerala proved to be very effective and thanks to the same. --

Manuel Bauer

8406, Winterthuz, Switzerland

My first time! Very great and relaxing! I'm very grateful for the kind service! -- 12.07.2001

Sushila Marar

14, Waltair Park, Visakhapatnam-03

Came here with prolapsed disc (degenerated disc disease) and underwent a three-course massage. I found myself totally cured of pain and numbness; feeling extremely grateful to the doctor and the girls who helped me through the courses of massage. A BIG 'THANK YOU'. -- 04.02.2001

T. Chakrapani

Raleigh, NC 27607, USA

It is a relaxing experience. I like to see this message spreads around the world and open up in the US. …

Edna Desh

Kfar-saba, ISRAEL.

It was so special. They treated us very gently. It was a special experience.

Sr. M. Trinity St. Joseph's convent

Waltair R.S., Visakhapatnam.

After the second year of this treatment, I am thoroughly convinced because I am almost normal. I suffered from arthritis, spondylosis and sciatica, including jaundice. Now with conviction I say that I am almost normal, back to my normal health. God bless you doctors and staff here for your service to the sick. -- 10.11.2001

T. Krishna Murthy

, Dy. Gen . Manager (Finance), BSNL, Visakhapatnam.

I was in a very bad paralysis condition. I got Kerala Ayurvedic treatment from Dr. Thomas and now I am fully recovered and joined my office back…(18.12.2004)

Ryo Takahashi

Hakoda Kumagaya city, Saitama, JAPAN.

Wonderful! I hope this will be used by many nations. I received Njavarakizhi treatment. I hope many will experience this and get healed of their pains and illness.

Guy Kligman

Tel Aviv, ISRAEL

Was great. The staff are professional..

A.D. Sharma

Branch Manager, LIC, Visakhapatnam.

I was suffering from prolapsed discs at L3/4 and L4/5. I have sufferd severe pain and, numbness on right toe and was unable to stand straight. Contacted several Ortho and Neuro surgeons, spine specialists and they suggested micro surgery. Fortunately I got reference of Dr. Reji Thomas. After 3 months of treatment here, I am cured and have joined office. Before coming to Heritage Kerala, I was bed-ridden, but now when I remember the hell I suffered before, it is just like a dream! I record my heartiest thanks and appreciation to the doctor and the staff who helped me to come out of the depression. This treatment is wonderful ! (24.08.2006)

Rev. Mary Karen Macuci

Pageland lane, Tainesville, USA.

I had a 14-day treatment to assist healing the atrophy in my right hand. I had numbness in my left arm and fingers. The therapists worked on my sore muscles in shoulder and arms. Excellent therapy for me! I This facility is a blessing to the community. All the staff are considerate and helpful. Thank you all. (09.02.2007)

Anne John

Washington DC-20037.

Well-articulated massage therapy. Thanks to therapists who are very pleasant! Thanks for the rejuvenating experience. Thanks again, Dr. Thomas. (02.09.2007)

P. Jayashree Prabhakar

Chennai -18.

Very happy with the treatments; authentic and very well done! Doctors are very obliging. VIZAG is very lucky to have this centre. (31.07.2007)

Sarita Ghore

Sukhlia, Indore.

We came here for the treatment of my mother-in-law, suffering from Arthritis. She could not fold her legs, walk long distance or stand for long. We visted many hospitals, but no progress. My husband’s friend told him about this hospital. Now she is getting excellent recovery. Thanku all, the doctors and staff. (28.11.2007)

M.V.B.S. Sai Baba

104- City Towers, Tanuku, West Godavari

The therapy and the therapists are very good. The treatment is health-oriented and the best option instead of going to Kerala..Dt. (14.07.2013)

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