HIV +ve? Not a death sentence, any more!
AIDS victims have now reasons to smile!
DIAS - ( Defensive Immuno-modulation and Anti - HIV Strategy)

Dr. Reji Thomas B.A.M.S. has designed a patient-friendly package named DIAS, overcoming many of the limitations of the currently available drugs. His first-hand experience of treating AIDS victims since 1996, at almost all the stages of disease and his commitment to the profession contributed much towards this outcome.

Being a social service volunteer during his student life, Dr. Reji Thomas happened to come across the agony of some AIDS victims. Since then he has put dedicated effort to tackle the world's most deadly virus. His visits to various high-profile medical institutions on this ground, interactions with many doctors within the country and abroad and with Ayurvedic experts in Kerala, enabled to sharpen his skills.
In 1996, his first HIV patient, a resident of Hyderabad, who had non-healing ulcers and venereal disease recovered from those opportunistic infections without side effects. In 1997, Andhra Pradesh Times published his innovative views on Ayurvedic management of HIV. In November 2000, The New Indian Express published in detail the lab evidence for his claim of immuno-modulation with Ayurvedic drugs. (See Press Reports).
His anti- retroviral package based on Ayurveda (the traditional and well-documented health care system of India) is named DIAS (Defensive Immuno-modulation and Anti-HIV Strategy).
This happens to be the befitting response to the WHO's appeal for "alternative therapies including traditional approaches to care and treatment".

The following features make DIAS unique and acceptable.

  • Purely Ayurvedic formulations, which never create side effects, toxicity, intolerance or drug resistance
  • ┬áProved efficacy in immune reconstitution, in accordance with WHO guidelines for monitoring anti-retroviral therapy.
  • Laboratory evidence for consistent proliferation and maintenance of CD4+ cells. (CD4+ T-cells safeguard the human immune system. HIV directly destroys them, causing a fall in number and in turn, immune deficit. The treatment is termed effective, only if CD4+ cell count increases with consistency.)
  • Inhibits HIV replication and activity.
  • Ascertains longevity of the patient, arresting the disease progression and effectively combating opportunistic infections.
  • Improves the quality of life and protects the immune system; sets the patient free from any threat on life, though he remains positive.
  • Cost-effective and affordable.

Treatment Modalities

  • Kindly call (0891) 2535477 / 2507940 or 9441944596 / 9866400571  between 9.00 am and 7.00 pm for appointment.
  • Patient shall come for medical check up with available lab reports.
  • Periodic monitoring of CD4 cell count, viral load (number of viral copies per ml. of blood) etc. is helpful to ascertain the effectiveness of the treatment.